Share your vampire and gothic themed poems, songs and verses
with other Children of the Night.

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your composition, with the statement that it is truly yours.
We work beside you during the day,
in your soul sucking corporate
You look upon us as strange
creatures, not worthy of a friendly
greeting or a subtile smile.
You look upon us as one of your

But when the night triumphs over
the day, so shall we,
for we are the children of the night,
laying in wait
While you dream of who you will
screw at work to advance your
We breath in the life giving blood of
the moon, gathering strength

for we refuse to be your sheep,
we are who we are
we are the children of the night
And soon you WILL know US!
(by B)
The sun hurts my eyes, but I must
toil through to make a living in your
My energy is drained as is my soul,
as I walk among you

But when the night comes, it wraps
me in its blanket of darkness,
protecting me and giving me its lifes
Energizing my soul, mind and body
meeting other children of the night
I am alive again.
(by B)