Vampire history just didn't begin with the stroke of Bram Stoker's pen, on the
contrary.  Many civilizations for a thousand years, have had their own versions
of Vampires.  These stories predate Vlad The Impaler, basis for Stoker's famous
literary work.  

On the following pages, we bring forth some of the history and the myth of the
vampire from other cultures.
Some believed that Lilith was the first wife of Adam, and a Vampire.  She was known
more as a night demon.
Here is the explanation from the Jewish Encyclopedia

Lilith is more fully described in post-Biblical literature, where she appears as a demon
of the night, as suggested by her Hebrew name. Three classes of demons are
mentioned: spirits, devils, and "lilin" . The first have neither body nor form; the second
appear in complete human shape; the third in human shape, but with wings . Adam
procreated all the spirits while he was under a spell.  Similarly, Eve bore demons to
male spirits for the space of 130 years. This corresponds to the view that the demons
are half human . Lilith is a seductive woman with long hair  she is the Queen of
Zemargad  Ahriman is her son . She goes about at night, fastening herself upon any
one sleeping alone in a room . "The Lord will protect thee"  means, according to Targ.
Yer., ". . . from lilin." The meteor-stone is her arrow and is a remedy against disease ).
Kohut's assumption that Agrat bat Maḥlat ("daughter of the dancer"), who roams at
night with myriads of demons , is the queen of the lilin, is not verified. King Solomon,
who commanded all spirits, had the lilin dance before him.