Here are some Vampire movies and information on them.
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(Andy Warhol - 1974)
Produced by Andy Warhol and co-directed by Paul Morrissey
Starring Udo Kier Joe Dallesandro , Arno Juerging, Maxime McKendry (with a small role by Roman Polanski)
German actor-singer Kier taking on the role of Dracula as a world-weary Transylvanian searching out the
blood of virgins in Catholic Italy, under the misapprehension that virginity is more prized there.
Unfortunately, he's reckoned without studly Marxist Dallesandro who sets out to deflower as many virgins
as possible to save them from the vampire.  This is the film that got Udo Kier noticed and he has had many
bit roles to the Vampire movies of today such as Blade, the Horrible movie Dracula 3000, and Modern
Vampires. This film has much nudity and sexual scenes in it, and is rated R.
(Taken from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice - 2002)
Legendary Vampire Lestat (STUART TOWNSEND) has risen from a decades-long slumber, determined to
step out into the light. No longer content with being banished to the shadows, moving among mortals who
never truly see him for what he is, Lestat has reinvented himself as the closest thing to a god on Earth: a
rock star.

His music awakens Akasha (AALIYAH), Queen/Mother of all vampires, who has been asleep for thousands of
years awaiting the right time to awake..  She searches out Lestat to rule the earth beside her.  No one is
safe in her path, especially Vampires.  But can she be stopped from making hell on earth?  Vampires from
Lestats Path intend on it.

If anyone is a true fan of Anne Rice, they were not too happy with this movie.  The major screwups in the
story lines were horrible.  First of all - Marius - was not the one that made Lestat, it was Magnus.  And
Magnus right after making Lestat - killed himself in fire.  Also - Maharet had a twin sister - that is non
existant in this movie - and it was the both of them that triumphed over Akasha by eating her brain, etc -
not by sucking her blood.
Charecters also recognized from her books are Pandora, Armand (who Matthew Newton makes a more
belivable Armand than Antonio Banderras for the short time he is in the movie), Mael, Khayman.

Also - Jessica 'Jesse' Reeves played by Marguerite Moreau is a whiney charecter that has no substance -
and is more of a groupie than a companion for Lestat.
The only thing that really saves this movie is Alliyah's performance (she died in a plane crash shortly
before the film was finished) - and Stuart Tonwsend's hipbones.
Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire.
Starring Keifer Sutherland, Billy Wirth, Brooke McCarter, Alex Winter, Jami Gertz,  Jason Patric, Corey Haim,
Corey Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Barnard Hughes, Edward Herrmann
A mother and her two sons move to a small coast town in California. The town is plagued by bikers and some
mysterious deaths. The younger boy makes friends with two other boys who claim to be vampire hunters while
the older boy is drawn into the gang of bikers by a beautiful girl. The older boy starts sleeping days and staying
out all night while the younger boy starts getting into trouble because of his friends' obsession.

Anyone growing up in the 80's will remember this movie with fondness and a smile on their face - especially the
girls!  Kiefer Sutherland, Wirth, McCarter made the 'Lost Boys' a group you definately wanted to hang out with
all night!

There is a rumour going around that they are going to remake this, which of course they will totally screw up.  
The cast together had so much chemistry between them - that there is no way that can be recreated.  Watch
them really screw it up by putting some bimbo like Jessica Simpson in the cast.
Starring Kevin Dillon, , Lance Henrikson, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Vanessa Angel,  directed by Richard
In the seedy world of underground raves people are vanishing without a trace and Detective Hank Holten is the
only one who knows the terrible truth-vampires are preying on the young party-goers. As Hank delves deeper and
deeper into this bloody case, the horrors he witnesses take a toll on his mind and his superiors begin to question
his sanity. But when Hank is bitten by the leader of the vampires he must become the hunter and destroy these
creatures before they can claim more victims and before Hank loses his very soul.

Interesting movie to say the least.  With a pounding soundtrack, and modern visuals - right up to the Orgy scene -
where Hank first gets bitten after seeing his 'date' for the evening is a vampire - along with the others literally
sucking their dates.  This isn't the best vampire movie I have seen, but somewhat entertaining.
Be warned, gory, sexually explicit and naughty language - this is not for children.
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