Here you will find some basics on spell construction and
other helpful information.
 These are excerpts from
Rhiannons 'Wicca 101" Book available on CD

When constructing spells, moon phases can be an important factor.

Waxing Moon:  The moon is growing into a FULL MOON. A waxing moon shows
a LIGHT colored crescent on the RIGHT side of the Moon.  Time for attraction
spells including love, money, positivity .

Waning Moon:  The moon is getting smaller after being a FULL MOON. A waning
moon shows a DARK colored crescent on the RIGHT side of the Moon. In other
words, the left of the moon is LIGHT and the RIGHT is DARK. Time for banishing
spells, including negativity.

Full Moon:  The most powerful time to do banishing and protection spells.  You
do however have a 3 day grace period before the actual full moon within to do
this spellwork.  Also a great time to do any divination work.

New Moon:  Again you have a 3 days grace period.  Perfect time to cleanse your
tools, as well as your home.

White - Spirituality, power of a high nature, wholeness, gaining greater

Black:  Binding negative forces, protection, releasing, repel dark magic

Green:  Fertility, generosity, success, renewal, balance, partnership

Pink:  Love, romance, spiritual awakening, healing

Blue:  Good health, happiness, peace, harmony within the home,
inspiration, seek truth, occult power and can be used for protection as well

Yellow:  Power of the mind, increase intellect, imagination, creativity, confidence,

Red:  Strength, energy, courage, conquer fear, sex

Orange:  Sudden changes, control over situations, draw good things,
stimulation, change luck to the better

Purple:  Success, gaining higher psychic ability, wisdom, protection, spirit
contact, break bad luck and drive away evil.

Brown:  Connected with earth deities, attract money, and better finances,
success, balance, intuition, help to study.

Gold:  Fortune, intuition, divination, luck, benefits, male deity powers

Silver:  Remove negativity, stability, meditation, increase psychic abilities, female
deity powers.

Indigo:  Used in spells to help stop gossip and negative thought forms.

EARTH:  Winter/Midnight -Stability, success, fertility, self-will, , prosperity

AIR:  Spring/Dawn - Harmony, revealing truths, psychic abilities, plant care,

FIRE:  Summer/Noon - Healing, purification, sexuality and passion, visions,
learning, love

WATER:  Fall/Sunset - Healing, communication with spirituality, purification,
partnerships, marriage, fertility, happiness, dream magic, psychic abilities