Chalices are important for every altar.  Within them we hold are ceremonial
wine for the sabbats.
Always remember to leave a little of the wine after your ceremony to leave out
for the 'little people'

We offer a selection of unique chalices, include rare antiques
in sliver and pewter.
If you see something you would like to purchase, please use our
contact form.  We are currently waiting for our shopping cart to be set
up, but in the mean time will be accepting Money Orders.  Shipping is
for Airmail to US and Canada.  And we do combine shipping.  Ex.
Athame/cauldron/tarot deck = $10 shipping
'Thistle' Silver Antique
from Scotland
Stamp on bottom

$25 CDN

$8 shipping

Gorgeous Victorian floral detailing
Made from silver
Stamp S.P.N.S


$35 CDN

$8 shipping